Nox Camera

With Nox Camera app you can not just take photos/videos and play with your favorite character, but also have a talk! Give Nox a command and enjoy a fun game


Augumented reality

By scanning a flat area using the Nox Camera app, you can place Nox on this surface. By the way you can adjust, size, position and rotate Nox as you like.

Take photo and video

Selfie with Nox? - Looks cool. And if it is a chicken dance? And your friend is definitely a YouTube star!

Talk with Nox

Nox Camera application is equipped with voice recognition. So far, our kid is English-speaking. Say “Dance,” “Play guitar,” “Power,” etc., to start communicating with Nox. Playing with voice commands is fun and entertaining!

Through reality

A book with augmented reality about Nox is a mix of an interesting plot and modern technologies. Due to a special app, reading a book has become even more interesting. Bring the smartphone to the page and a new story will open in front of you. It is like a cartoon that you can control yourself by changing the size, viewing angle, etc.

Scan page

Scan pages of the book by pointing the camera of your smartphone or tablet to this icon.

Point the camera at the picture and you will see an interesting story in the best traditions of augmented reality technology!

Interactive model

Reading the book about Nox will be interesting for both children and their parents, due to the full interaction with the character and the scenery. Change the scene model (viewing angle, scale) as you want. Because of that, the plot of the book gets even more exciting.