About us

All the characters in Nox's Universe live among us. We create a technological product, thanks to which we can penetrate into all the events surrounding the main character.

Nox is more than the story of the protagonist.

Our goal is to create a character universe that will manifest itself in a variety of formats from game books to live action in movies, theme parks and virtual reality.

We show that books and technology can be compatible. Creating a competitive domestic product.

Nox is a project of Ant3Dstudio. The author of which is the founder of the company - Anton Khusnutdinov. The character was created back in 2011 and was originally presented as a small computer game. The basis of which lay in the history and the first published book "Through the Consciousness" (Series 2) of 2019. Subsequently, the project is transformed not only into a series of books, but also in other directions.

ccu2021_command *Team Nox at Comic Con Ukraine 2021

Team Nox

Anton Khusnutdinov

Character author, Ant3Dstudio manager

Viktoria Nozdrachova

Project Communications Manager


We invite artists, writers, programmers, businessmen of various activities and producers of media content to cooperate on the basis of the Knox Universe. We are open to rethinking the project for a variety of target audiences and will try to find a beneficial interaction.

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