Meet Nox

Nox is a friend who will always come to the rescue, make you laugh and definitely never get bored with him. His life is full of interesting, mystical and sometimes terrible events. And you certainly won't find anyone who could would boast of a number of adventures and senseless situations.

Nox's story has just begun, so have time to join the restless adventures!

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Books about Nox

The Way into the unknow
The Way into the unknowAR

Series one, Year, 2021

One day Nox notices a stranger he falls in love with at first sight. Overwhelmed with feelings, he follows her to the city, where events do not happen as Nox expected.

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Through consciousness
Through consciousnessAR

Series two, Year, 2019

Nox wakes up in the dungeon and can't understand what happened to him. Namely, where did his beloved go and how he found himself in such a strange place.

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