Nox. The way into the unknow

The first 3D comic with augmented reality about the adventures of Nox. This is an exciting story presented in a completely new format.

Modern comics

Comics in pictures in 3D. This approach "breaks" the usual view of comics. More detail on every scene. Expanded events and spectacular atmosphere on every page.

Nox's Adventures

Learn about the beginning of Nox's adventures. How he ended up in the city, what happened to him and what mystical events haunt him.

Comic for kids and adults

Nox's mysterious and interesting adventures, mixed with augmented reality, captivate everyone. When a fairy tale comes to life around you, you want to plunge into it no matter how old you are.

Nox is with us in the form of a toy, a cap and other accessories, and most importantly, what's next in our smartphone!

Hear the heroes

Listen to what the characters are saying. Each dialogue is voiced by roles. You can listen to each scene separately, as well as follow the story in story mode.

Thanks to a special mode, the book "reads" itself. Each scene is played one after the other - like a cartoon.

Anton Khusnutdinov

Nox, author

Taras Topolya

Rox, band leader "Антитіла"

Viktoria Nozdrachova

Noxi, project manager

Roman Redko

Red, band guitarist "ТенN"

Augmented reality

This is a modern interactive comic strip. With the help of a special application, Animate each scene of the book. This is the FIRST augmented reality comic that brings all the pages of Nox's story to life.

Download the free app to your device. Scan a picture and bring the scene to life with just a touch. Each scene is animated and has a soundtrack. Interactive pictures have a unique soundtrack and full animation.

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Nox. The way into the unknow

07 Sep 2021

Manufacturer: Зелений пес

Language: Ukrainian
Year of publication: 2021
Number of pages: 59
AR pages: 59
Illustrations: Colored
Format: 210x300 mm

Modern comic book with augmented reality is the best gift for everyone. The comic tells the story of the beginning of Knox`s adventures. Each page is animated with a dedicated application.