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The protagonist of all stories

Nox has a unique skill to get into silly, but interesting and fantastic situations. He never plans this, but by some miracle he manages to get stuck in another adventure. Yes, he is shocked!

  • Height: 157cm
  • Hobby: Reading books, news. Learn something new. Fight laziness.
  • Food: Loves fast food. But due to his absence in the village where he lives, he eats salads, vegetables and fruits.
  • Music: Neutral to music.
  • Fears: Afraid of any paranormal activity, especially ghosts. Heights.
  • Character: laziness, cowardice, but at the same time a desire to change oneself, overcome one's fears and learn something new. Consider his dog dull. Likes to assign names to his subjects / acquaintances. Owner. Active nihilists. Loves Noxi. Overly sociable. He makes many acquaintances, friends. He even talks to a TV set and a kettle. Likes to joke. Very trusting.