Labor and self-knowledge always give results


Nox's girlfriend

Nox's close friend, who supports him at all times.

  • Height: 155cm
  • Hobby: Books. Cooking. History and painting. Travels.
  • Food: Likes to cook herself. Vegetarian.
  • Music: Light rock, contemporary music.
  • Fears: Afraid of insects and thunderstorms. Heights.
  • Character: Constantly studies something, likes to defend her opinion, prefers not disputes, but concrete arguments in conversations. Likes to take care of her loved ones. Always tries to improve herself and believes that by constant work and study, you can develop yourself to the maximum. Sometimes she gets bored. But at the same moment she is always ready to listen and give advice. Loves order. She likes to joke, but sometimes she can take offense at the joke in her direction.