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The eternal master of his castle

The spirit of a sorcerer who lives in a castle behind the forest. So far, little is known about him. He is engaged in alchemy, magic, astrology, as well as ancient history.

  • Height: 177cm
  • Hobby: Philosophy. Alchemy, Science and Astronomy.
  • Food: No need, he's a spirit.
  • Music: Rarely listens. But he prefers the classics.
  • Fears: Afraid of losing his strength and power.
  • Character: Ghost. For several centuries the sorcerer has lived in his castle in the guise of a ghost. He lost his physical body because of his constant magical experiments. Very rarely feels happiness and joy. He often feels lonely, so he envies those who have many friends. Hermit. Stopped communicating with friends, because believing that communicating wastes energy, strength and time and doesn't bring anything useful. He invented a formula for magic crystals of truth, which he grows in a cave under the castle. He experiments with them, but these experiments often turn out to be something bad for him.