Through consciousness | AR

Application for the book Through Consciousness 2019

Addition to the book of the second series from the history of Knox. With the help of this application, you can animate pictures on which a special icon is installed.

Download the application, launch the game and point the camera at the desired picture. The 3D scene will appear on your smartphone. You can twist the scene, change its scale and view it from all sides. If you liked the angle from which you are viewing the scene now, you can capture it using a special button.



Scan page

Scan pages of the book by pointing the camera of your smartphone or tablet to this icon.

Point the camera at the picture and you will see an interesting story in the best traditions of augmented reality technology!

Interactive model

Reading the book about Nox will be interesting for both children and their parents, due to the full interaction with the character and the scenery. Change the scene model (viewing angle, scale) as you want. Because of that, the plot of the book gets even more exciting.

Players played: 120
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