Camera AR

Put the tale into reality

Nox Camera is a application that uses augmented reality technology. You can take photos and shoot funny videos with Nox within it. The application includes a number of standard actions (with Nox you can dance, jump, play the guitar). Besides, you can ask Nox to do something. The Nox Camera application is equipped with voice recognition (so far only in English)



Augumented reality

By scanning a flat area using the Nox Camera app, you can place Nox on this surface. By the way you can adjust, size, position and rotate Nox as you like.

Talk with Nox

Nox Camera application is equipped with voice recognition. So far, our kid is English-speaking. Say 'Dance', 'Play guitar', 'Power' etc., to start communicating with Nox. Playing with voice commands is fun and entertaining!

Players played: 120
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We offer you to register on the site and play from your personal game account. All your achievements in the game will be synchronized with different devices, so you will not lose the result. And playing with a free account, you can use the online item store, exchange items and save the game equipment that you have already received in the game. All data, regardless of authorization, is saved and participates in the game standings. But these ratings and accounts can be lost when you change devices if you played without an AntID account.